How do I become a certified ICF coach? – Life Coaching Business Owner

I am pleased to announce that from March 1st 2014, you can now start making a request to become a certified instructor.

It takes a little time – as each instructor is different- and you will not necessarily get an immediate prompt response.

I would appreciate if you would fill out the application form below to register for this class.

In order to be certified, you need to follow the above steps and pass all questions via the application form. If you would like any further information, please contact me directly.

I am happy to help, but please be patient!

Note: The instructor must be physically present to be a certified instructor.

You will need to complete the required application form below, including your signature.

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If you have any further comments, questions or concerns, please contact me direct. I welcome any feedback/concerns/comments.

I will reply as quickly as possible when your application is approved or denied – if you have any further comments, questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

In the meantime, please see the link below for your application form.

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From Wowpedia

This article is about the orc civilization. For the human civilization, see Draenor

The Darkspear trolls have ruled the trolls of Draenor for millennia, until the Burning Legion arrived and set the trolls free to spread their hatred of the Burning Legion across Azeroth.[1] These trolls are believed to be descendants of the troll prophet Gul’dan, the second of the Dragon Aspects.


Sometime before the Horde and the Alliance conquered Draenor, the orcish kingdoms of Draenor were split into three rival armies. Gul’dan, one of the most powerful of the Aspects, led the Burning Legion to take control of Draenor. After the two warring armies finally ended their conflict, Gul’dan returned to Azeroth to lead the Burning Legion against all who opposed him, and created the Burning Legion.[2]

After his return, Gul’dan attempted to use Draenor’s resources to expand the Horde, much like the Black Empire before it. Gul’dan managed to take control of the upper echelons of the Burning Legion, and led his followers to destroy most of the draenei and orcish races on Azeroth and launch a major invasion of Kalimdor. Although he succeeded in his plan, Gul’d

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