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I used to look for them everywhere, but never really found what I was looking for.

As a former employee of a large multinational, it seemed that the global elite knew who they had hired with a quick consult with each employee. My first two “life coaches” were both American and had nothing to offer me to move up. I was also always disappointed when I learned the third coach to join me had been laid off a few weeks prior to starting his program. His program was just as good if not better, and he was happy as my new life coach. As I thought about it, I realized his program was still being offered by other big multinationals and had nothing to offer me.

I felt like my future was bleak. It seemed that no one would hire me as my own life coach, so why bother? I started searching for niche life coaches that only I could relate with, like a child on a trip. This led to a book which I discovered called “Your Way Ahead”

I was fascinated by this book and read it again. It told me that there were people who could help me learn, grow and progress. This book showed me that a small and focused group of friends could help me develop a life coach mindset, or a life coach niche.

After discovering my life coach niche, I found someone, and asked her to join me. She is so kind, sweet and caring. This helps me relax, feel more inspired and to enjoy new things. I now have a good life coach niche and I am so excited to grow it.

What are you looking for in a life coach?

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If you are ready to achieve a life coach niche, I advise you to read this article.

Why you Need a Life Coach

When you are trying to find new things to do, new friends and new experiences, most things can be found when you are ready.

There is a new business called “Life Coach Referral Network” or LCRN (pronounced like “Laugh-Co” for “laughing”.)

The site looks very similar to the first website and is filled with hundreds of blogs and posts with tons of content.

In this article, I am going to share some of many tips & tricks on building a niche life coach niche.

When you start looking for a life coach niche, there are few things that you should be looking for.

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