How do I start my own life coaching business?

If you are motivated for this by our book or the information below, then there are a couple of steps I would suggest:

1: Find an online training platform similar to what you have and use it. Many people are starting from scratch and just starting out. This makes the process of creating one’s resume and getting certified a real breeze.

Valid Life Coach Business Plan Template | Business plan template ...
2: Buy some free stuff! If you are looking for training material you can build upon, I recommend this free course from Udemy that you can take and start building a portfolio of your writing skills.

3: Start your first workshop! The workshop process isn’t as complicated and the content is usually available in a few hours. This can help you to get some real feedback that will make your workshop even more effective and fun.

4: Join a group! I like meeting with a group of people and talking through some of my best writing habits and strategies. It is easy to get stuck and so it is helpful to get guidance from other people that you can call to help.

How do I get started with writing online?

1: Start building your portfolio!

Start out with a small portfolio for your site that you have generated and uploaded into an online platform like Writer’s Corner. This will allow for a good evaluation as you are creating a portfolio online, with a number of other people’s work.

2: Become familiar with your style and writing style

The best writing advice I have received about how to improve is:

“Just write, write, write. Don’t go beyond that. The truth has no borders, and you will fail or succeed on many levels. Once you know the difference, you will be at your best, and that is all that matters.” – Robert Frost

Writing is hard. There’s no getting around that. But, don’t despair if the style of your writing doesn’t seem to work anymore.

The writing style you use and feel right for you can be a great asset. Try changing your mind-set once in a while by thinking it through for a while on a new writing project.

3: Build your confidence

Building confidence is harder than people assume.

If you keep your goals in line, do the right things, practice the right way and then get feedback on your writing from other people, it is easier to get yourself to change your writing style and style.

4: Keep up with the best writers in your area