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The first and most crucial thing to take away from this journey is the importance of being conscious of our surroundings the moment we arrive at the venue, and the things we are experiencing. Every minute can be the most important moment in your life but we have to be aware of how we react to it, what we think we can or can’t control.

What do you say to someone with a long-term relationship that is going through a change? How must these things be handled?

These things should always be handled with great sensitivity. You might be a believer that you can’t control things but, in my case they are really easy to control. This is why I’m so passionate about connecting with everyone who is sharing their story. I try to take them to different places where they might not have met before. I ask, “How do you do things?”. My goal is to create an environment and to support them along their journey.

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I’m so grateful for all these amazing people who are reaching out, giving advice and just being there for each other, and it helps me connect with more people than most.

What does the book mean to you?

There are those of us who are in relationships with people who are also very close to death and that’s the hardest thing we can imagine. You might have no choice in the matter but to connect with each other.

I want everyone who experiences these things, whether it be in a long-term relationship or in a relationship with someone already going through this or just being in the world at large, to take it all in and realize that you do have to share some common ground with each other. The best way to achieve that is through an awareness and empathy with those who experience the hardships of living through death and in pain.

You can pre-order the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound.

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