How do you get paid to be a life coach? – Christian Life Coach Business Names

I get paid to be a life coach. It’s about giving people something that’s valuable to them and empowering them to make a decision.

What do I think of if somebody wants to take my position as life coach?

They’ve got to prove to me they can do the job. I can’t say this or that to somebody and then go home and say, ‘Well, what happens?’ I can do a great job, but if they have to prove to me, I’ll be open to whatever the job is. For me, there are things I’m open to. I’m not a guru or anything. I’d have to learn more about that aspect of life.

There’s lots of stuff going on.

I have no problem teaching myself, but I think the job is really done and it’s time to leave.

Is it an interesting life?

I’ve been really lucky. I went into the business with nothing. My parents were supportive, but I had no money and it was an uphill battle. After four years, I was able to go down to Atlanta and sell my stuff. I went from doing seminars for $300,000 to about $500,000. It was an amazing opportunity that I have a bunch of people that appreciate me and appreciate my work because that’s the one thing I feel I have nothing to prove. I still do seminars and I’ve always had an interest in being an author but I don’t have the motivation to write one yet. It hasn’t gone completely in my favor but that’s the way I can look at it; that’s actually the biggest problem.

How to Start a Life Coaching Business
I just read your book on YouTube — what do you think of his method of teaching and why he works?

The biggest problem that I had was the idea that I would only be teaching people the material that I already knew. I had to start learning the whole thing, and it became more and more difficult.

The biggest thing for me is to have access to more people because that’s the reason everyone thinks you want this, because everyone is watching you on YouTube. And then you get the chance to be seen, and then they see you in public and then they see you on TV and they see you in their living rooms. You’re going to get noticed for a few minutes until they find you on Twitter or Instagram, and then they start taking you more seriously.

One of my problems has actually been that I don’t like people

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