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“I’m not really doing that because I have some other things I want to work on.

“We talked before and I’d like to work things out but then we wouldn’t be able to do it.

“I didn’t talk about it with either of my two boys. The one they have now is only 19, so I am happy for his future.”

Who is Luke Shaw?

Shaw’s mother, Linda, said: “The moment he was born he looked like a chicken.

“When he didn’t get fed I would cry. For a toddler, when you give them what they want you expect so much from them.

“But when they got it they didn’t get it.

“We have just had his mum and dad.

“They are a lovely couple.

“They look after him as best as they could and that is it.

“It is good to see them.”

What is the club’s philosophy behind Shaw’s development?

“We have a philosophy and we play with players as individuals – not as individuals,” explained Luke’s uncle Andrew.

“At school, there is a lot of talk about playing in the front line and I wanted to stay in rugby league.

“But when they came back from that, he didn’t want to play any more.

“He said ‘I have got to learn and that is why we are doing this.’

“So he went onto play for Wests Tigers.

“Then I realised ‘this is the right place for him’.”

What is one of his biggest strengths?

“I am a little bit shy but I am not an aggressive bloke,” answered Shaw.

“I don’t mind giving people a hard time and I like to go back and talk to them about things I did well and things I wasn’t up to. I am a nice gentle guy.”

What can you tell us about Shaw’s future?

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“He is contracted until the end of 2017 and the club will see what happens with him.”

Luke Shaw with wife Linda at training in 2015

How important is it that Luke gets to play on the senior roster?

“He is a very important part of the team.

“We hope we can keep him and make him have a long career. We just have to keep working to it.”

How did Shaw

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