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As you become more proficient in speaking to women of a different ethnicity, you will start to develop a rapport with them. It is also possible to start talking with women of different orientations. This might take some time for you, but is a very good way of gaining confidence.

As men, we are often taught that there is no value in talking to women as opposed to talking with another man. When you are speaking to girls, it becomes clear that both groups are equally interesting. You simply need to get over that idea.

You are no longer limited to men of one race, but can talk to girls of all races, orientations, and cultures.

You will find this helpful in terms of the social interaction that takes place afterwards, as you will understand more about their culture as well as others. You will begin to understand and talk to them the same way you talk to a young boy. The beauty is that you can also speak to men and women of different races, orientations, and cultures.

You will gain their respect.


The life of a male life coach is full of challenges, but it’s also filled with possibilities. You can begin to understand the many different cultures and races and learn about the things that make women tick. Women are so fascinating and fascinating subjects which makes your job a lot more interesting.

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“That’s a good gun.” — C-Sec Operator, after firing his first magazine.

Taser is a weapon in Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, as well as the only weapon to have no other appearance in Saints Row IV.

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Overview Edit

When equipped, the gun emits a short stun sound, making it a good choice for the latter stages of combat in a close-quarters or high-risk environment. The gun also produces a blinding flash, making the gun ideal for those who prefer to keep their vision obscured.

When wielded a secondary fire will cause the gun to explode, which is also a deadly alternative to the main fire.

Tactics Edit

A combination of the stun and blinding effect allows a player to deal large amounts of damage at the cost of a few seconds of their own existence, or at least the health it drains (in the case of the main fire), if not instantly.

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