How does a life coach help me? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business

How do I get the best out of my life?

I am so confused.

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I would like to answer you questions and maybe even clarify some of the misconceptions of life coaching in general.

Can your life coach help me get rid of my “sickness and fear?”

Yes and no.

My “sickness” and “fear” seem to come and go with no rhyme or reason.

If life coaching helps me get rid of my illness and fear, I would like to add to that that I believe that it’s good to be “confident”.

Are my life coaches going too easy on me?

No, your life coach is not going to make you stop what you’re doing.

The same principle applies to any other area of your life (personal hygiene, education, exercise,…).

How do I know what the outcome of my session is going to be?

Your life coach has the answers.

If I’m going to spend too much time listening to people who just want to hear from me or who are very vague, I’ll lose the motivation I used to have and get bored, which doesn’t necessarily happen.

How important is it to learn from your mentors, even before becoming a coach?

Yes and no.

If I learn something and find out I can implement it in my life, and then fail to do so, do I want to keep working with the person or not?

Yes and no.

If a person has good ideas and a great vision, why would he take up a life coach job?

He/she has good ideas but lacks passion.

I’m sure many of you would agree with me.

It seems to work like this; if you have a good coach, chances are you’re a good person yourself, you wouldn’t change that. But you won’t have the same life coaching experience or knowledge.

This seems like a logical point by the way: if you’re not excited about your coach’s ideas, chances are you’re not excited about your own!

So a good life coach is either: a) not very excited about their idea or b) not much into their idea, and they have no plans to implement it.

That’s why it makes sense to avoid those people or organizations.

Do you pay a lot of attention to your life coach’s ideas? Are they important

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