How does a life coach help me?

I try to listen to my life coach every day and learn about my life. If I can, I try to live with a sense of gratitude. I try to live life the way I want to do, not some of the ways other people want to live it.

What do you do if you hit a wall and can’t get over it?

I always think of the next one and don’t beat myself up about the ones that are past. I also make sure that I am giving back to my community and to my family.

Punjabi singer Mahesh Murugan today said, “I want to say hello to BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. I am thankful that Narendra would give me a chance to fulfil my dreams in the country.”

In a tweet posted on the social networking site, the singer, who won the Best R&B Artist award at the National Music Awards 2016 last year , further said, “Please help me win the elections of this country. It will give me many opportunities that I will not even dream is possible in today’s world.”

My dear @narendramodi Bipin Chandra Murugan! I am thankful that u gave me possibility to fulfill my dreams in this country. Please help me win the elections of this country.. it will give me many opportunities that I will not even dream is possible in today’s world. #NAMAs — Mahesh Murugan (@MollyMurugan) November 14, 2016

Murugan, who was performing in the city today, was in New Delhi last night with his wife Nirmala (22), his sister Madhuri Murugan (16) and his niece Kavita (13) to inaugurate a cultural centre for women in south Delhi’s Ghaziabad.

The award ceremony and performance of a raga that Mahesh sings at the event were met with some disappointment by political rivals including AAP MP from South Delhi Ashutosh.

In an interview with NBC’s “Today,” Sen. Marco Rubio dismissed Hillary Clinton’s recent accusations that he supported amnesty. He claimed, “I was against the DREAM Act. I think any American who’s willing to work should be able to get a good-paying job.”

Rubio, a self-declared “libertarian,” said, “I actually came out against the DREAM Act. I was against the DREAM Act because I thought the DREAM