How long does it take to become a certified life coach? – Life Coach Aptitude Test

Many people think it will take a lot longer than 1-2 years but that’s not true!

When you get certified in the first place, you should know that not every course will last for months and you’ll have to make many changes in your life.

So, that’s where your life training sessions come in: the sessions where you make a lot of changes, to be honest.

In addition, some courses are structured as self-instructions where you sit and learn in silence after a series of exercises with your instructor. There is no audio, just a book. But, it can be extremely useful if you have trouble remembering things during a class.

Some courses use a system where someone from the “instructor” has to help you to understand the exercise. Even if you don’t have a question about the exercise, he doesn’t blame you for not understanding it and that’s a great advantage!

After you have completed a course, you should get a certificate that you can send to people you want to help. Your life training can be one of your main skills!

How many courses do you think you can complete before you’re not ready?

You can either learn as much about all that there is to know about life as you can from just a few courses or you can learn from many different people.

Personally, I am not ready in the first place. I’m not sure why, maybe that the first time I did any course, even something as simple as to sit on a chair and learn from a teacher, I couldn’t get it in my mind to finish it in such time.

But after having completed more than 150 courses (mostly from my friends who were in my life training class), I am much more ready than before. It’s like a drug for me!

What is your favourite course to teach someone from abroad and why?

When people ask me what my favourite course is, or what my favourite teacher is, I immediately think about the person to whom I want to teach. My favourite course is the one I taught to someone from the Philippines. It was because I love the language.

When I tell him the fact that I’m teaching him, he goes “uhhh…I see you like learning languages”. That was a very good experience for me.

What should I look for in a life Coach?

A lot of people think that your life coach must be very well

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