How long is a coaching session? – Life Coach Business Cards With Photo

A coach can take your whole day. It depends what you’re training to. We start out with our clients at 8:30 a.m. and at 10 a.m. we work until 4:30 p.m. For some, that’s a three-hour day, but everyone has their own schedule so the pace is different.

What makes some sessions longer than others?

A good example is on this site. A lot of times people will show up and say, “I can’t keep up like this!” So I’ll say: “Okay, what’s wrong with keeping up?” Then they can go and ask me, and I’ll give them a real-world example. Then I’ll answer their question. After our session is done, the client should feel like they’re doing a lot, like when training for the first time. They need to hear “Oh, you’re working hard today. How long has it been trying to get this? You can do it.” [This kind of feedback is very beneficial.]

How long do sessions last?

It can be pretty long. Some people stay on the site for two to three hours, some people stay for four to six hours. Everyone needs some kind of time limit so they know what’s important. If a client is sick, they get sick, even though some people might do one session at one week for a week. There’s no one size fits all.

What do clients see?

We take a lot of photos. We shoot from four different angles on the same model and give them all in separate groups. For example, we have an arm group and we take all the measurements of her shoulders. Then on the other arm group we give the wrist measurements, upper arms and lower arms. Sometimes the client will ask if I’m going to take her back to the studio and shoot the same shot all over again. If I do that she’ll have to go to the same location and shoot all the time.

Do you take notes?

Nope. We tell the client what we’re doing and we’re just doing it. If she feels like she needs to ask a question — which is okay if she wants to ask — I’ll be as honest as possible on her questions. For example, if she says, “You should just let your muscles loose a little bit,” instead of answering, “Maybe, but what about this? Shouldn’t this be tight?” I’ll tell

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