How many clients does a life coach have? – Child Life Coach Certification

Is it a full time job, or a part time job, or a volunteer job? If you are a full time coach, what does that job cover? Is there a time of year you might be able to work in your own office, when the client calls, but then the client can call me at the office at any time? What does time change?

“If you are doing this full time job, can you be on holidays? I don’t know if that covers you. A client might need a little extra time out. My understanding is that I get paid based on the number of clients that I have. So if I have 100 clients, I am paid $50 per client. You might want to be flexible with the working hours. I’m sure you would like to spend time with your own family. But if you have two full time clients, let’s say the client needs a couple of days in the hospital, then you have to be in that office for two days.

“You have to make an allowance for the number of clients you have. That works out to about five a week at a minimum. And then if your salary varies, you have to look at that.”

Can you say how much of your practice is dedicated to clients and how much to personal development?

“I don’t have very many personal development clients. The one client that I have is my best friend. I see her about three times a week and we are great friends. There is nothing on the phone or in the office that has to do with her personal life. But the work is there. It may take you a day to start. I think a lot of the problem with personal development clients, when I started, is that most of these people were in the business for their personal growth, and they didn’t know what the other side of the equation was. The work that I’m doing now—and it comes from being in business, as well—is focused on helping them get there. So it’s not something that comes naturally. But I think there are a lot of people out there who can get there. Especially for young people looking to go into business and want to give back, it makes a lot of sense. Most of the people I work with come into my office and we get to know them a little bit. We are there to listen to them as much as we can.
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“My personal development clients range from the younger to the older group. Some are retired, but

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