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You can have more than one. They are a very powerful tool and should be part of your tool kit.

2) You need to be consistent.

If you can’t be consistent, you can’t be successful. But if you consistently push yourself to improve then you have a chance. I have never been able to improve myself. I have been inconsistent, but now, as an entrepreneur I have no excuses. I work from a very strict routine. If I do what I have to in the morning, I do it again in the afternoon.

3) You can’t afford it. You should be getting clients. How do you know when the moment has come to walk away? You should only do projects, if you don’t feel 100% fulfilled. If I work long days of getting feedback, I may not feel motivated when I’m done with the client. If you’re still doing this after a year, then it’s okay to stop. But if you’re already doing it, and you’re not consistently happy, you should look into a business instead.

4) You should have some passion.

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If you have no time to dedicate to your business then don’t do it. If you can’t find a job with a flexible work week, or a few days of vacation, then it’s okay too. But if you think that being successful is making a million dollars and becoming super famous, then the only way you could be successful is if you’re a billionaire. And what’s so different if you have that?

5) You should do it for yourself.

If you want to improve yourself, then you need to be passionate and start doing it. If you want to become a millionaire, then you need to understand your values, and you need to focus.

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