How many clients does a life coach have?

Do you have the experience to recommend someone for a life coaching job?

We have the experience we believe the client deserves.

Does a life coach get to see clients as they are, instead of them as they are seen?

If a client doesn’t feel comfortable when we come to them, don’t blame them! We would love to help them understand their needs and feel supported.

Is a life coach going to be there as a facilitator and coach the client throughout their life?

We won’t have time to sit on the sidelines, but we will listen to their feedback and help them figure the path in life they chose.

If you were to meet a man one day, and offered an entire day to walk on your own three miles, you’d probably agree to that, would you? The way these two men are approaching the problem, however, is rather different. Instead of walking miles on their own, both are trying to reach the finish line first.

Both men, Dan Gaddis and Nick Bembenek, are attempting to complete the Boston Marathon. Both men are doing the race with one thing in common: they are aiming for the Boston finish line as fast as possible, and then only take three miles.

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This is the approach that made Gaddis so successful back in 2011; the only other woman to get all the way to the end with a time of 2:11:05 was Lisa Subeck, a former swimmer who has since lost her track club career to breast cancer. With her, the man would only do three miles, and for all he knew they would have ran out of gas.

Bembenek is aiming for even better results, and he’s willing to be more generous with his schedule in order to do so. In fact, Bembenek has already done the race with the first two runners—all three of whom have taken as many as 12 hours to complete the feat.

As it turns out, however, not all of the men have the patience to keep up. “All they are thinking is, ‘I’m going to finish the race, I’m just trying to come in first,’ ” Gaddis told the Boston Globe, after winning the event. “I’m like, ‘Dude, stop it.’ ” (Gaddis and Bembenek are both 26, and have no children, but they say they will share