How much does it cost to start a life coaching business? – Life Coaching Business Model

1. Start with $5000

Start a life coaching business because you believe you have the talent, the drive, and the confidence to start your own business. After all, why go through the hassle of starting the business, when you can start one now? It’s as simple as that!

Your first $5000 should be enough to cover the basics of building a platform to provide great service and education to your life coaching clients. You need to find a provider who will offer you the best business rates that you can afford. The key to successful business growth is to avoid expensive fees!

If you can’t afford to pay top dollar for a business model, then you’re out of luck. But we think that the cost of starting a good life coaching business is reasonable in comparison to the rewards!

2. Don’t do it for the money

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the life coaching industry. You might hear a lot of testimonials coming from people claiming that they have been a life coach for years and years and years without a penny being spent on these services.

The truth is, these services are no different than just about anything else you do. Sure, there are some benefits that one can get from doing this, but they don’t amount to much at the end of the day if they aren’t backed up by concrete proof of a steady income.

3. Don’t become a guru

Gurus, by definition, are people who know a lot about a particular subject. They get to help you reach a milestone in life and they are able to provide a lot of help.

But these are expensive services. A life coach doesn’t need to teach you everything that goes into being a successful business owner.

The real secret to success is having a realistic idea of how you can make a profit. You can’t afford to believe that you will make money, or that you are better at this than your business partner.

Your business partner will help you grow your business, even if he is a guru. He will be able to help ensure that you get clients who will continue to pay you top dollar.

A life coach can help you build your life business. But he shouldn’t be your only source of income.


There are many benefits involved with starting a life coaching business. Your clients will thank you when they go on to become successful owners of your business. This is just the beginning of a long-

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