How much is Tony Robbins life coaching? – How To Start A Creative Coaching Business

Not many, but sometimes he’s pretty good?

Here’s just one example…

We asked Tony how much life coaching he was worth and to be fair he made quite a few assumptions, so we made some assumptions, and did an extensive statistical analysis on the costs. We came up with a couple of estimates.

Cost per hour of life coaching: $20,000 (20,000x = $200,000)

Cost per hour of self-transformation: $0 (0 hours = 0¢)

Cost per hour of therapy: $1,000 (0 hours = $1¢)

Life Coaching — Ascension Wellness and Yoga
That’s roughly 40k per hour.

What kind of questions did we ask?

We asked Tony questions including:

Is Tony Robbins worth the cost?

Do people actually find Tony Robbins’s life coaching valuable? (Note: Some people report that they are happy being coached by Tony. I didn’t want to put people off the process, but we also knew that would probably be very rare).

What is Tony’s philosophy (in terms of how to improve their own lives)

Is Tony Robbins a guru (or an authority figure)? What do they have in common?

Has Tony ever made a living doing life coaching?

Can people make money in life coaching?

Does Tony Robbins give money or advice to anyone who wishes to be a part of his life coaching program?

In short:

Are Tony Robbins’ courses worth it?

Can you make money in life coaching?

Do you find that Tony Robbins’ life coaching courses are worth the cost (our $20k)?

In answer to the first question it appears that people are pretty satisfied with the course. People think it’s worth the price, but they also don’t think people are getting free advice.

In this particular case the answer is no, but you never know. People may give the course because it’s a good offer on a high interest rate, or they may not like the course. Either way, I’d guess that we’re not getting free advice (since we’re making money on his program).

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