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Your own life coach can see you through anything — from how to dress, to how to think, to how to eat.

The most effective way to find a live coach, according to a study out of the University of New South Wales, is through online forums. The advice you hear from other people on the website doesn’t necessarily reflect your own experience with how to look and act at work.

Online forums are especially important if you have a background in psychology, such as psychology, management or psychology-related classes. People who do these things have the skills they need to get through life and can provide insights and advice that might be invaluable for your business.

A great place to keep your eye open is the International Association of Worklife and Family Coach website. The group contains a wealth of knowledge about worklife, workplace support, work-life balance, career advice and self-improvement. They also have a full library of advice for managing your time.

For anyone who doesn’t work and spends most of their time away from their job, the website can be helpful, especially if you live in a small town where the local health or welfare department may not know the difference between “home health care and an urgent care,” as one blogger puts it.

You might consider using them to see if a life coach would work well for the way you care for yourself now.
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How to find a life coach

Find other people working in similar fields

Many of the professional life coaches are independent workers, not managers. If you’re a freelancer or contract employee, there may not be one to consult or you may have to meet with an office manager or human resources representative to find one. Find someone in your industry, and bring them to see you.

In addition to finding other people to speak with, you should also use search engines to find people who also work in these fields. There aren’t many sites that search social networking sites (like LinkedIn and Facebook) with the same breadth of resources. However, there are more specific searches out there, like how to look after yourself in the workplace.

Finding a life coach without a network

If your boss has the best knowledge of how you work in an office environment, find a person you know in a less stressful environment. That way, the person who provides your wisdom won’t be as much of a risk to your life as someone you may not meet in your career.

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