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No, they’re not. I believe the difference between being a successful entrepreneur and running a successful business is this: A successful entrepreneur makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of individuals, companies, families, and communities. Not all successful business coaches exist. And those that don’t do what they claim to do? They’re very real, and they are all worth taking.

The US and Saudi Arabia are still involved in the war in Yemen, despite Obama’s recent announcement to end all military operations.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Tuesday that the United States would temporarily shift resources away from Syria and to Yemen, and also hinted at plans to shift more assets to the Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed Shiite rebels in war-ridden Yemen.

“We’ve been making an effort to be more involved in support of the Yemeni government in combating al Houthi-Saleh forces, and I think that we’re just beginning to see that work pay off,” Carter said in an interview with Reuters, referring to the current conflict in Yemen. “But there is a long way to go and we will be stepping up as needed, so we’ll remain involved as needed.”

The shift of US military assets toward the Yemen conflict has been the subject of increasing discussion since Riyadh launched airstrikes last week in response to a Saudi-led military campaign aimed at the Houthis that has failed to halt the insurgency.

Carter said that the US planned to redeploy “substantial” assets, including surveillance planes and a small fleet of refueling tankers, from their current combat role in Syria to Yemen, including some aircraft that have been in their storage in the United States.

Carter said “a large contingent” of US personnel were currently on the ground in Yemen, adding that the US had “had the military assets in place to support that mission for quite some time.”

However, the State Department said that the administration had “recently assessed a number of possible locations” to store the aircraft.

The Obama administration has previously sought to justify its continued involvement in Yemen with a claim that the Houthis are trying to create a Shi’ite majority in the volatile country, which is mostly Sunni Muslim but has split between a Sunni northern province and a predominately Shiite southern province.

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However, US officials have indicated that they recognize that the conflict is actually a proxy war against Iran. The Houthis are not really a threat to Iran’s interests in Yemen, and in fact had joined the government of

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