Is a life coach worth the money? – Marketing A Life Coaching Business

It depends on the nature and scale of the investment.

Most would agree the job requires a certain level of expertise and commitment, though experts in many fields claim there are life coaches as well as the people who advise or employ them.

Whether, however, that expertise is actual life coaching work, or merely the skills associated with life coaching, will also be decided by the specific skillset involved in the career of the person involved.

But is it worth the money? Let us compare the current state of the art to several popular life coaching businesses.

1. Life – $100 to $1000 per hour

If what you would normally hear when you ask for life coaching is, ‘Can you coach me in my career?’ you probably would have never heard of Life

There is no doubt that if you can offer someone, for a fee, an honest day’s work and insight into your life, they can have a real impact in a matter of weeks or months. But to what extent would you want to spend that money on them instead of the job itself?

What separates the value of the career of a Life Coach from a conventional employee-led workplace is that they will also be expected to do more than just teach you how to make a living. In fact they will need to be able to help you to develop skills beyond what you need to succeed in your career.

And yes, these people need to be willing to work long hours in a tough environment – to say the least.

2. Life Coaching Institute – $500 – $3000 per hour

Many people who read this and are wondering what the hell they are talking about may have heard of the Life Coaching Institute. This is a multi-million dollar business now that was founded by a group of doctors. They offer life coaches, mental trainers, dieticians, pharmacists, massage therapists and massage therapists. The average cost is usually around $500 a hour and there are several life coaches whose work can be easily covered by part or all of that.

But does the amount to spend on training and training sessions qualify as a good value to invest in this type of coaching business? That is a very hard question.

Yes, the training and the fees are probably a very good value, and it is very unlikely that you will miss out the job because of some stupid mistakes your life coach has made.

But to what extent does life coaching come

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