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What are the best teams to get coaching jobs?

How do I decide to become a coach?

Which schools should apply if I am looking to get a coaching position?

If I’m a coach, how do I choose a school?

How do I get hired by a major program?

Is coaching a good career?

What are the best teams to get coaching jobs?

You’re asked to make a coaching hiring decision, and you’d better have a good grasp of the major conferences, some basic stats like head coaches, and you better be a smart coach.

There are a ton of great jobs out there, but it depends on how much time you have.

How much time? That’s a good question and one you should answer intelligently.

In 2013, there were 3,200 jobs available for coaches who met the basic criteria.

But if you want to start out as a coach with little money and a lot of time, I think it’s still better to be in a better job in a more competitive conference like WAC or Big East than to be in a less-competitive conference like Big 10 — two conference that are currently on a path to a break-neck conference title race.

So which conference do you prefer? You can always switch conferences or switch conferences, because the league you’re looking for will never switch.

How do I know if I want to become a coach or not?

It’s really simple and straightforward:

Do you have a plan for getting a job?

Do you have a passion for coaching and do you want to try and be a great coach?

Are you a true “hockey geek” who’s really good at scouting, scouting other teams, and who doesn’t want to mess around with the schedule?

I’m not a sports fan personally, but for my money, the only place you really can beat the NCAA is in the Pac-12 and the only place you would beat the NCAA is in the Big 10. Plus, the ACC is always in the mix for NCAA tournaments.

Also, in the Big Ten, it’s not a great job for a coach or a person from the Midwest. You’ll see a few coaches like Urban Meyer in the Big Ten, but the Big Ten just doesn’t really have a great job for a guy who wants to be a great coach.

Then you have the SEC and the Big

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