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How does one learn to coach the best of one’s talent? How are there different skill sets within a coaching profession? How often do training and coaching in the sports medicine field overlap? If so, which should students focus their energy on while training first? And what are their specific responsibilities in such a setting?

The purpose of this class is for students to gain a complete understanding of what a sport is and how to develop their best, most consistent performance, in addition to the opportunity to gain specific knowledge of sports science, the medical field, and medical education in general.

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What are students learning?

It is the hope that all participants will develop professional competence, not just their individual weaknesses. To that end, students will learn the basics, such as the four basic movement concepts (posture, posture modification, flexibility, and performance), as well as learn about techniques, physical training practices, and personal development. Students will have the opportunity to create and modify their own physical training practices at will (whether in private or in the classroom), then use that knowledge to improve individual sport performance.

What are the benefits to me or to my patients?

Students will understand that most injuries aren’t necessarily caused by the lack of flexibility or strength in any one muscle group. There are ways to train and play more effectively in any sport, be it basketball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, football, or any other sports, all of which involve strengthening individual muscles and joints.

What are the expectations of learning a sport?

Student will be taught the science of sports, but the real purpose of the course is to learn as much as possible about how to make the most of that knowledge and enhance one’s own performance of any sport, including baseball, tennis, football, baseball, soccer, field hockey, field hockey, or any other sport. Students will also be given the unique opportunity to modify their physical training practices or develop their own physical training programs, thereby increasing their individual sports-related results.

What are the key areas of specialization or specialties that should be covered in the specialization program?

Students will gain an insight into the science and practice of sports medicine. The specific areas of specialization and/or specialties covered include: athletic training, medicine sports, sports rehabilitation, and sports psychiatry. Students will also learn the importance of physical activity and movement for athletes in general, and learn how it can reduce or enhance the recovery process.

How much time will it take to complete the course

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