Is life coaching an MLM?

It depends on your point of view. Life coaching is a form of employment which is a form of compensation in the form of an opportunity to help others improve and thrive themselves. While its definition is a little murky since some don’t necessarily agree that it’s in the same category as other forms of employment, the bottom line is that there is no doubt in your mind that this is a form of compensation.

The MLM industry is also riddled with unscrupulous people (sometimes legally) who will tell you your life could be improved if you invest in the MLM. Whether you are a potential or current customer, most MLMs are based on an implicit value proposition and the best way to prove a point, you need to do whatever it takes to make the company seem as valuable as possible. If a company cannot justify what they do, they lose money (or sell your money) and it’s that hard to lose in the MLM space.

So if a life coach can help increase a customer’s IQ, why would they put you in direct contact with a person who is going to mislead you about the benefits of their MLM.

However, what if you don’t need a life coach to improve your IQ and you have other more pressing issues that you need to address? These questions are often ignored by life coaches and they often try to help by simply putting you in contact with the owner of a MLM so that you can purchase products with their promises. This has been a common tactic used by a number of MLM companies.

There is a difference between giving someone the information and giving them a free product that they then believe is going to assist them with improving their IQ.

If you are going to use this strategy, I highly suggest avoiding MLM companies that promote themselves as unbiased. Most people are too concerned about their own self-worth to believe they may be making a mistake by making a purchase. While these are not necessarily MLM companies, they certainly don’t make it easy on their customers. The fact is that they have little to no integrity and the majority of people using their products do not realize their true worth without the assistance of a life coach with extensive experience and knowledge about the products the company is offering.

You can also not believe that you want to see your IQ improve without doing the homework and getting as much information as possible before giving your money to a MLM. A little homework with no guarantees and a lot of bad advice will lead you away from the company