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As in the past, Life Leads is a business that doesn’t provide specific services but is based on self-help. It’s a lifestyle and wellness community where members are encouraged to share their own stories, discover new strategies and meet some fun people through group discussions.

But what exactly is a MLM? It’s the “name-brand” term most often used when marketing to members. The FTC defines an MLM as any company that markets or sells another business and it’s a huge issue when it comes to the business of MLM. The FTC recently started investigating MLMs in all categories.

As a member, you agree to give your consent to participate in whatever activities you are offered. You also agree to provide your “informed consent” before you take part in each of the participating business’s activities. The program says that by signing up, you also agree to disclose any past or future conflicts with Life Leads and to “keep up on” the activity you are taking part in.

In addition, people who are members are directed to tell their story. “The company hopes you will write about the company, your past relationships and your journey as a life coach,” it says.

The MLM offers life coaching services to members who invest in the affiliate. Members also “pay to go through a four-step ‘training cycle,’ ” it says. In the beginning, Life Leads helps with the recruitment process, which includes training and “introductions to people who can help your business grow,” it says.

In the second stage of its training process, members can “join the life coaching and learning community, which is designed to give you advice tailored to your unique story, and provide resources and support to help you move off that first session and beyond the point of your first mentor.”

The third stage, you can join a coach program or join a trainer program and the four-stage process repeats itself as you are “encouraged to meet more coaches around you and share your own stories, along with your experiences, skills and successes.”

The fourth stage, which is optional but is “highly encouraged, is all about getting on the path of becoming a life coach,” and the program then asks you to send “your life coaching story to the company. Then, members will receive a ‘thank you letter’ from someone who they can share with their friends, mentors and potential clients, and receive a membership key to access some of their information.”

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