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“The majority of coaches I speak to are looking for the right teacher and the right role model,” says Ms. Jones. “I find them as diverse as they are: They want to take charge of their life, to be present on their own. They want to connect and nurture. They want to know how much to work and how much their partner needs them. And they do all of that.

“At the same time, there are coaches who are looking for their own personal satisfaction. That means they’re doing what it takes to make themselves happy. They just want it to be at the right place at the right time with the right people.”

Ms. Jones says more women are stepping into coaching, but also that there isn’t necessarily one type of coach. “Some want to take charge of their life. Some of them are not interested in taking control.”

She also points to different stages of life as key to the success of a coach. “I have a guy in his mid-30s who I can teach to be the man he wants to be. He comes after his bachelor and then his young-adult, then his adult daughter, then his adult son. That is the right place. The right role model. That is what he wants to be. But he goes after all that at once. I’m not teaching him to be a businessman; I’m teaching him to be a good dad. At the same time, he’ll be spending more and more time coaching with young children who are different than himself, who are not as interested. I can’t do that for them at the moment.”

What does one’s education mean for a coach?

Ms. Jones says most people her age would not be so lucky as to study for degrees in education — particularly if not at all from a reputable university, such as a university near her home. “My experience has been with students from more selective universities,” says Ms. Jones, who is currently finishing her master’s in teaching at the School of Continuing Studies, University of British Columbia. “They have so much more flexibility and time available to study. For us, the students had to get in on a time frame.

“We don’t just say, ‘I need to help you get a degree. I need to give you a course.” She says they need to figure out “what degree they want.” “They’re not just putting down a schedule, writing a paper, and calling the advisor. They take

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