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The following is the conversation between the author and a reader of the novel

The reader: I’ve finally read your novel The Unhealed Heart, the new novel from Rebecca Black! It seems to have captured the imagination of quite a few of me as well as my wife and me. I was wondering, as I often have, if you could share a few things about the novel and the experience of reading it. I am from Brooklyn in New York, and a few years back, I tried to write a novel while in school. But even with some help from my teacher, after six weeks I’d finished only one draft. After much writing, rewriting and editing, it only took a couple days to get it right. I was so happy about that. I’ve been reading your other book, The Second Skin, as well. However, while I’ve been enjoying the works of Rebecca Black’s, I’ve been trying to write fiction of my own, even though I have no idea where to begin. You’ve been my hero, and now it’s my turn to learn from you. Thanks again for your help and advice. —Nancy

The author: So nice! That’s great to hear! I know how you feel about your own work and I certainly know how you feel about people who can’t write their own minds. I can’t tell you how many people who say they’ve only done one book and are happy with that have told me it wasn’t as good as they really wanted it to be. It’s one of the hardest lessons in writing, I believe, but you have to try. There’s probably a lot of pressure on you if you can’t get there. In any event, I’m grateful I caught you, because I think you are an amazing author. The book was initially conceived in response to my own experience with writing, so I can’t help but be very appreciative of that. It’s really quite simple: we’re all different and we’re all writing our own story, and some people are better at telling a better life story than others. That’s why your story has such a wide reach. I just think it’s a great story to tell, and you’re obviously very talented at it, and to just give an example, you use the word “love”. It’s very clever and it’s very true. I’ve already read your other book,