Is self coaching scholars worth it? – Why Coaches Fail

Well… we don’t know! There are several big factors to consider when deciding which self-coaching courses are worth it. We think this is why the average student pays less than $20,000 for the three courses we covered. Our students were all in a fairly similar boat, with just a minor difference in their age, gender, and income.

In some cases, a full-time, tenured professor will be better value than a self-teacher at almost none. We chose self-teachers because we thought, among other things, that their research and writing are better, they provide more professional experience, and they’re more likely than a full-time professor to offer a discount.

For more, see our full article on how money influences our studies below.

What about tuition and fees?

Many courses do not include the full cost of tuition and fees. Students must pay those out-of-pocket, usually around 10 or 20 percent. For many students, this covers only a few hours of class time. For some of our students, some of that time is spent preparing for the interviews, taking exams, or reading. For many of the students who took our “lessons for non-English majors” course, some of the cost was reimbursed from a tuition or fee waiver.

Do I need to take my course the year it’s offered?

No. You can take the course the first week and take it at another time. For some programs we cover, the first week is the day it’s offered. For more on what we teach and how many courses we cover, see our table below (in “What About This Course?” section below).

For a list of all of the courses we cover, see our full article below.

What are the courses we teach?

We teach nine courses. Click the “Course” link above for the list of the eight courses we cover.

Why are we doing what we’re doing?

To help students better prepare for admission to Harvard University. We want students to be as prepared as possible to apply to Harvard and be accepted. As an independent program, we are funded by individual donors. But we’re not dependent on donors to provide funds to complete our coursework.

What advice would you give graduate students in self-coaching?

It’s very important that they be self-guided throughout their studies at Harvard. If you think you want to pursue

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