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A life coach’s job is to ensure your life continues to progress and flourish. Your life coach doesn’t take away from the daily work of your life; she only assists in achieving your goals and living a normal existence.

Life coaches are very much “behind the scenes” and are not directly involved in setting goals. They are there to provide guidance based on your specific needs and desires so they can help you achieve those goals.

Life coaches need to be extremely understanding and compassionate. A coach knows when a behavior is damaging your happiness and when it is helping you. Life coaching should be no different.

Life coaches need an understanding of your personal strengths but need to never expect you to be a superhuman and be able to accomplish your life goals. You’re not perfect. Your weaknesses and imperfections must be acknowledged, accepted and embraced and learned from!

We have heard more rumors about a potential deal with the Eagles, but I believe that, in the end, a trade should be completed between the Bucs and Eagles.

There’s no reason to believe the Bucs organization won’t do what’s best for the players and the organization.

The latest on the Buccaneers, including news on coach Lovie Smith, the players and the front office:

1. Bucs want to trade defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

I’ve been told the Bucs want to trade the defensive tackle, and that’s why they have a player with a lot of leverage who isn’t looking to return.

I believe the Bucs understand the situation and are seeking a player who is willing to become a part of a team, and McCoy is that player.

I can’t imagine the situation that would make the Bucs consider dealing away a player like Marcus Martin or Jacquies Smith. But at the same time, the Bucs know, if I may use this phrase, they’re just not that kind of team right now.

The Bucs are trying hard to change up something, something is not working, so they’re going to try again.

2. The Buccaneers still have a lot of defensive line issues.

The Buccaneers had issues getting pressure on Derek Carr, and I believe they may want the Bucs to look a bit harder at stopping the running games of rookie running backs Charles Sims and Johnathan Franklin.

They also could trade for a defensive tackle, particularly if they don’t like what they got out of the defensive tackle that they received from the Bears in the second day of the draft.

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