Is there a demand for life coaches?

It takes a lot of time and money for the women’s game — which may be why women are not included. We don’t know how many women would choose to travel thousands of miles to Europe just to see a friend play.

There have been more than 3,000 players and coaches in the Canadian women’s game, about half of them are active coaches. However, these coaches must be compensated as the players, which is $20,000 to $28,000.

“I have one more coaching position to fill when I finish my job in April, so I hope to find myself a home when that is done; but that won’t be until 2016.”

What does a coach do?

He is paid as the player’s coach — with the exception of travel — and is able to see his players’ games. In fact, every Canadian player has that opportunity, which they may have missed in past seasons because of a lack of experience or because of other commitments.

In fact, coaches are required to be in the game day facility on day one to see the games.

How long does the coaches stay?

Two to three years, depending on the job.

Why not be there on the day?

The players are a unique group and often stay up late, so many coaches are in the room at least the next day or two.

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Do players care?

Yes, but they don’t think much. They are aware the coach has to travel, as does the player. In fact, many coaches do not get as much as $28,000.

Can I have a coach?

Yes, but he must remain a full-time coach and must receive approval.

Why can’t I take a coaching position?

Some coaches have been unable to find full-time employment due to the expense. Others who have a full-time job do not see a good fit.

Is there someone else coaching?

Not all coaches have full-time job. A coach who coaches on a part-time or part-year basis would be able to get a part-time or part-year job for that season or season-to-season, which is a big perk.

Is there a program?

No, there is no program.

Can coaches apply to the coaches’ union and be on the coaching council?

Yes. The players themselves would approve. The players