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If you’ve listened to the podcasts I’ve mentioned on this show, then you are aware that Tony Robbins is a life coach who specializes in helping introverts become more outgoing and active. He’s a speaker himself, and he works with other entrepreneurs in the area. As I’ve discussed on this show before, Tony Robbins is the biggest name in the business of being an extrovert.

When you consider the fact that Robbins is a celebrity, you can see that Tony Robbins is definitely a celebrity. He had a huge success as a speaker and entrepreneur, and in his book, he says that being an extrovert is as simple as practicing good communication practices. So the question I often get questions about, why did Tony Robbins say that introverts get turned off by life? Is he wrong? I would like to be clear that I do not disagree with his advice, but I do think that a lot of people who listen to him may want to ask themselves if they are an extrovert first and foremost. I always say that I want to talk more to people, not less.

I don’t know if we are an introvert or extrovert but for me personally, I like being around people. I enjoy talking to people. So after I had a chance to talk to Tony Robbins about this, and I sat down and listened, my life felt so good because I had really been craving the attention. I wanted to be the one who was making an impact.

I also think that we introverts have great things that are hidden in our heads. I do think that being quiet and not saying much can put us in the quiet minority in our community where things feel so quiet and nothing matters and people don’t speak up. Tony Robbins is definitely talking to people and I do think that we are not shy at all. We are all just kind of quiet with our heads down and not getting our hands dirty in the world. So what I’m hoping is that my listeners start asking themselves if Tony Robbins is right and do they want to change? After all, I’ve done plenty of things where I felt a need to share my life experience. What I have learned is, people are always going to want their own little life experience.

Interviewed by David Wilcock

Have you recently watched Tony Robbins or a podcast on the topic of introverts? What do you think?

If you have listened to any of the podcasts on this show you know that Tony Robbins is known for his business

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