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There are many styles of coaching but the three main ones you would come across are “the art” (e.g. Bill Walsh), “the science” (e.g. Mike Ditka), and “the system” (e.g. Belichick). All of these styles combine different principles in order to address different problems at different times. That being said, these 3 styles are the 4 styles that I recommend you focus on when creating a coaching staff. They will all have different pros and cons and you have to do your research to figure out how you want to run your staff.

Art is the most simple and straight forward as it is all about getting the most done in the shortest amount of time that you can. For me, I don’t believe a lot of that matters so if you’re in search of fast results and quick results I would recommend creating your staff around Art. As you might’ve guessed, I would lean more toward Art in coaching teams which is why I wrote a blog post about it. The other type of coaching styles, the scientific are the coaches you hire to run your program. Scientists are looking to solve specific problems in a certain time frame and will utilize various approaches to do so like different types of drills, time periods, game situations and so on.

I prefer to coach people that I think are a perfect fit for their position, I want the person to be able to apply these skills in the game day environment, I want them to be able to play the game and execute the game plan from the sideline, and I want them to have a clear vision of what they are trying to accomplish. All 3 of those make up the “science” part of the style of coaching.

But to get into the meat of this post I will show you the 3 types of coaches, their pros and cons and why it is important to hire the right coach for your needs.

2. The Art Coach:

The Art Coach is the type of coach that can get his team to perform at a high level for a long period of time while using the latest and greatest technology. A common example of this type of coach is Belichick’s Patriots and their Super Bowl victory. With the help of a good Art coach you will have a more efficient and productive game day and you will have a high level of performance.

The Art coach might look to put a specific type of drills in the game plans, you could use specific drills to focus on specific elements of your players

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