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“You could call it an offensive or defensive scheme but a lot of coaches use both. In basketball you have a team where they have a system and have their guys do a lot of different things, but the offense is an extension of the defense. You have the offense and defense in different ways that are interchangeable across games. But the head coach is in charge of one part of the football team but the system is in the hands of the players.”

How close is a game between two teams?

“To be honest with you I can’t really count the games close enough. We’ve gone 4-6 (in the regular season). For those four games, the last two coming (against Arizona and at Colorado).

On Thursday, the Ducks lost to Stanford.

What makes the Pac 12 competitive?

“We have the talent. I don’t know where you stand on that but I understand the point,” said Andersen. “The Pac 12 and the other conferences are just so competitive and I think what happens with a championship at the end of the year is that in a lot of ways it creates a big excitement.

“From the fans perspective, when you have a championship you have a fan base that will stay, and you’re really proud that someone can win it because their parents and their grandparents are on the same page. That doesn’t happen in football every year.”

Is it hard to find a home for an Oregon player?

“Oh yeah,” he said. “It’s a lot like anywhere else. There will be times when a guy will take one that is really gifted and it will be tough for him to get to somebody where he can really contribute early. That happens everywhere. In Oregon, with all the talent that is in our program, in the last four years we’ve turned some games around where we didn’t really think we could.”

Do you worry about players not wanting to play for you? How do you handle that?

“Well I’ve always told our guys that this is what we do,” he said. “If somebody doesn’t take you seriously, when you go to another program, that’s when they lose interest in you. You’re not going to get any better at playing football playing against another coach. You’re going to play against guys where your coaches are more interested in who you know. So you find out where you stand with somebody. I’ve always had a good relationship with a lot of our guys because,

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