What Do Life Coaches get paid? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business Online

Well, it depends on what they do best. They can charge a fraction of an hour, for example. A lot of people want to make big bucks as assistant life coaches or personal trainers. Or they can teach you how to get paid.

How Does a Good Day Get Made?

What does a successful day look like at the end of that day? Sometimes, it’s about making connections. Sometimes it’s about thinking big. And it usually involves a lot of fun. Sometimes even a little stress. The key is a lot of small activities — you’ve got to see your day through to the end.

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What Can You Expect from Your Life Coach? Not so much a “do this” and you’re done — they can work from anywhere, anytime and in any environment. Sometimes they’ll give you one-on-one coaching with an individual client. Other times, they might send a team to help. You don’t have to worry too much about what their work day looks like. They can let you choose your clients and time slot. That’s it.

You might feel freer to make big decisions. Instead of just giving advice you give direct feedback — you can let the coach know what you think is going right for you in your life. Some days you might be working hard, and not seeing results. But you can always send another check for your time. Or even just to say thank you if you do see the results with your life coaching. You can even ask them a few questions from time to time.

How Do Life Coaches Get Paid?

Life coaches have to find success in their fields. But most life coaches tend to earn small sums when they first start out. Some people can make more than others. The important point is that once you’re successful, you can sell your services to other life coaches.

Life coaching doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s not a job for everyone. It’s about connecting — if that makes sense. Or if not, just ask.

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