What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Sample Life Coach Business Plan Pdf

We do this work for free, we get paid as they make money. And we get to see the progress we make in our coaching and mentoring the players, and then get paid based on the players improvement in our system.

What can YOU expect if you sign up?

There are no “payments” in our system. Our coaches and players get paid on a weekly basis. They’re paid based on their success and the success of the young men in our system, not their salary.

How does the program work?

My goal is to get YOU to do something for me, or someone else when you get to a season or a game. That is how I know I’m creating value and helping the football players. I need you to take something personal away, go to the park, or do something that will make a positive impact for someone in your life. Whether it’s a goal for yourself, a way to show someone else there is something special about you. Or a way to show your children what it means to be a great person.

What Do You Expect to Earn?

We expect ALL the players involved in the program to give it 100% or more. There are no “quids” or rewards (no free products, services, etc.) in this plan. I will NOT reward anyone for playing a game of football, just for giving it 100% to each of the 25 coaching staff members – or more, for the players who are paid. My players understand this and appreciate the hard work that’s needed to ensure I get the best possible effort from each player, and get the program to success.

Can YOU win the money?

Not necessarily. I’m not running the organization – I’m an owner in the business world and will be very hands-on as you progress in your career. You can win a couple hundred bucks, or a handful of thousands dollars. That’s what I want to motivate you to earn.

What About the Players When you Win?

You can always expect to get your money back in the event you win. In most cases we get no more than 100% of the cash back (usually more than the total amount spent). The players get a percentage of the profit made by each of our players, based on their performance. (You can read more about this below).

Why Should You Care?

I’d like you to know that I care if you play for us or for an

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