What is NLP Coaching?

“NLP coaching is basically where the person who is coaching you, you have a list of things they want me to do on a day-to-day basis. We all have questions for him, and I give them to him. I don’t know about you, but I get so many questions that I have to ask myself, ‘How am I going to deal with that?’ So it seems to me to be an improvement in my performance and my life. “You know, I’ve worked really hard on this program, and it’s going to be a real positive change for my life.”

He was also asked about how much he really wanted to be a doctor;

“My goal has always been being a successful artist. I wanted to be a better musician than I had ever been. I wanted to be an elite athlete. I wanted to be a great entertainer. This is my passion, and it’s something I really had to do, because I don’t think there are any doctors out there like I am. It’s really hard to make it in this business.”

For the full interview, see a replay of the above video, including NLP coach Jim McGinley’s remarks about how it took him five years to learn how to do exactly what he does now.

A complete list of the books I read during my career:

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