What is the best life coach certification program? – How To Start An Online Life Coaching Business

It’s a hard call, really, because it affects not only who gets the certification but also the way your life progresses and what you expect in return.

I think there are five different options. We’ll tell you about them individually:

Certification by Training, CERT-TS (Certified Trainers in the Life Skills Certification Program), offered by the American Association of Life Coaches. This is the only certification program focused primarily on life coaching.

Certification by Training (CERT-TS), offered by the Life Coaching Alliance (LCA). It’s designed primarily for life coaches looking to work in the field to gain a deeper understanding of the different life skills.

Certification by Specialization, CTL (Certified Lifestyle Coach), offered by the International Society of Certified Life Coaches. This certification is designed specifically for a life coach working at different levels—or even working in a corporate context.

Certification by Training in Sport, LMS (Certified in Life Skills in Sport), offered by the National Association of Sports Exercisers and Sport Coaches (NASEX). This certification is aimed at a lifestyle coach at all levels.

Certification by Lifestyle, CLC (Certified Lifelong Coach), offered by the Life Coaching Alliance (LCA). This certification is specifically designed for coaches who want to develop and implement training or coaching techniques to improve their lives and help others improve theirs.

Certification by Professional Training, CP (Certified Life Coach Pro), offered by the Lifelong Life Association. This certification focuses on coaches who want to become more knowledgeable and knowledgeable about training, coaching, coaching techniques and more in a way that inspires others to also reach their goals.

The one thing all certifications have in common is that they are offered by professional life coaches. They have many different level certifications and certifications, some of which even incorporate life coaching concepts.

How many life coaches do you know who successfully earn these certifications?

I’ve probably met more than a handful of people at this point who are certified in the Lifestyle life coach certification or LMS.

That should serve as a good indication of how many people are out there who have pursued life coach certifications. The LMS has hundreds of life coaches on its team. The CERT-TS certifications for lifestyle coaches are only distributed to a handful of life coaches. The CERT-TS and LCA certificates are not offered to anyone

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