What is the hourly rate for a life coach? – How Much Do Life Coaches Really Make


What is the median income of a life coach? $42,000

Do life coaches work in a job that pays enough money to live comfortably?

Absolutely – they all agree they are the most important people in people’s lives. What they don’t agree on is the salary of people who are simply to help with everything from finding financial freedom to getting through a tough time. “All they want to do is help people,” states one life coach. “If they did nothing else they would just be in this sport so they don’t have to tell you how to earn money.” They also agree that it pays to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy relaxation and peace from the safety of a retreat setting. But they will say if you want to work for free there are other options for you. You might want a real job that pays the rent and provide the necessities of life and living. Alternatively, the only problem can be you’re not a “real” life coach, but in your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s you are likely to want to get one anyway and you’re just too old to start one and too busy to wait until you are 70 to start one. Even so, there are many ways you can work as a “personal, career, or community coach” even if you need to work in a job as a “life coach”. This website contains a comprehensive list of all of the jobs for which you can be paid enough money to be able to live the life you truly desire.

I don’t know anything about this area of expertise but I would assume that a “life coach” isn’t exactly what they are. Is it possible that such a job doesn’t exist and I’m just making this whole website up? Can someone please tell me what kind of careers and careers “life coaches” are in this area of coaching. Where are they based? What qualifications do they need to get these jobs? Is the only job available a life coach/life coach position? I need to know to figure out where I could work but I’m not sure what to do for an interview with a job that might not exist.

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