What major do you need to be a life coach?

It should take less than two months to be a life coach so you should start practicing soon. You don’t need to be a coach in each area you want to help. You need to help people in all areas, that’s the key. This is your job. This is your goal and your mission. You become a life coach by training yourself to help people by doing and seeing better people and then helping them. This is the purpose of coaching and the power to help others. You also need to be able to teach others. You have to be able see into others’ souls, into their world and why they are the way they are.

You want to spend hours helping people but you can’t because of work and school. You feel inadequate. You hate your life, you hate to look in the mirror and see things you aren’t, you hate to look in the mirror and see the way you truly are, you are sick. All people hate this way. You hate everything and that is normal, but not everybody is like you, not everyone is sick. The pain you feel is very real. So it is OK to hate everything because you won’t have a career and you won’t have parents and you won’t have a home and you won’t have friends. You still don’t, right? But we call this “The Way to Freedom” and that is the true goal of helping others.
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Once you get out of coaching and becoming a real life coach for a few months, you may need to become a life coach for several months to learn how to do this well so that you can help others more readily and easily. You also have to learn how to do the work as well. You’re going to need to learn how to do a lot of things, the very first thing is the way to help others by helping them with all aspects of their self, your own life. This can help you greatly and get a great head start with that. This is the best way to help people who have the worst things going on in their life.

So now you understand why you are going to help others more readily.

After you master those important lessons, when you have a few months on your feet as a real life coach, then this is what you are going to go on:

Teach other people how to help themselves.

Teach them to do their best in any way that they can so they can help others and be happier and make more money and live lives that