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I need to be an inspirational coach and an inspirational leader. This requires that I not be a typical man in a job situation. That requires that I be a woman who wants to change the world and help women lead better lives. A more appropriate description of me?

I do think “being a man” is important. I still get asked that question a lot. What is it like being a woman? Is it fun? I haven’t been that much different from men. As a woman, I’m not quite as well equipped or comfortable. I haven’t grown much. However, I didn’t expect that because I’ve always been a woman.

What would be good for a woman you want to become a professional coach?

I would want to be a mentor. I have a number of female mentors and people I trust in my career and work. I could go to people at my school and have them to help me. I can’t think of a woman that could be my mentor. It would be interesting and maybe an inspiring thing for me to do. It would mean that, in some way or another, I am going to start my own life. It’s a lot of work – I have to start the whole thing – but I think it could be an inspiring thing.

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What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

It’s the book I read the first time I worked for someone who was helping me to make a transition to men. It was a book called When You’re Lonely, It’s Time to Learn to Love Yourself. It really spoke to me. But I couldn’t find that book. I knew, in that moment, how important it was. For every single one of these things, I needed to be in a place in which I could take it. I had to be in a place where I was not feeling isolated and miserable but felt like I didn’t want to be alone.

You are married to the president and he’s also a coach to millions of people. What lessons do you wish he’d have talked to you about more recently?

I wish it had been the same age when I was coming along. I wish it had been the same in terms of how I was feeling when I first saw him…but I think everything else is a result of the circumstances that I was in at the time and the time he was in.

I think if I’d have spent more time in those kind of situations as a young

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