What major do you need to be a life coach?

Do you need to be a doctor? Have you always wanted to be a professor or lawyer? What are your passions? What do you need to take on to get into college?

We have hundreds of hours of professional coaching available, but it is just a little too much for some people. If you’d rather have fewer hours, there are also our in-person, online courses.

How much are they worth? What are the best courses/courses to take in my area (such as accounting, law, medicine, law, economics, economics education, etc.)?

We will be able to match you with a certified career coach, who will provide you comprehensive coaching that will help you with your goal of finding a career in the future as a career coach. Each of our in-person coaching programs cost $30 for the first session and $10 for each of the session beyond that.

Our courses are tailored to what you need to become a successful career coach while you pursue your training. At our professional level, our coaching is focused on the specific steps required to get started but we are always available to assist you with making sense of all the information you need to know.

Can I take all of these courses while still attending college?

Of course. Our in-person or online coaching programs are designed to fit your specific goals for success and education. There is absolutely no limit to what you can do on your own. With our programs, you will get personalized coaching on a personalized program that matches your specific needs.

Are these different from the programs I could take before?

No they are not. We think that the best way to learn is to take as much of it as you can, and only the best of that is going to help you get a life change in life and in your career. There is also no need to enroll in the program in advance.

What is the difference between the college life coaching courses we offer and the job training courses?

Our curriculum for coaching is the same as the college life coaching courses offered by Kaplan. Our job training courses are much more specialized in how you should go about your career, and how you should do the job, than is necessary in your particular setting.

Do I need to take all four of these courses in order to be accepted into my training program?

No, if you have the interest in learning and are committed to making life-changing changes in your life then all four of our