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You’ll need to take into consideration things such as the way in which he or she spends your time, what they offer, where they are when you need them, and any other qualifications that the coaches have.

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As more people get medical marijuana licenses, it’s become more difficult for local government to regulate the drug.

A group of 10 Milwaukee neighborhoods that are currently home to at least one of the state’s 56 medical marijuana dispensaries recently sued Milwaukee County over the licensing process.

The lawsuit, filed Feb. 20, seeks to block the county from granting the licenses until the plaintiffs can be represented.

According to the lawsuit, “The County refuses to allow the defendants to be represented without payment of attorney fees.”

Marijuana advocates have been complaining for years that they are being squeezed out by unscrupulous growers and merchants or that the fees associated with obtaining a license can be exorbitant.

Last Friday, a federal judge held a hearing on the issue and agreed with plaintiffs in the suit that “there are certain areas of the (medical marijuana) system that continue to pose serious problems for the City of Milwaukee.”

The case centers on Milwaukee Community Health Services. The nonprofit organization is licensed to take patients with qualifying ailments to five locations in Milwaukee and has a system in place to assess whether a person is eligible for a medical marijuana license.

The city began taking applications for medical marijuana licenses in 2014 under a system similar to how state law allowed for the sale of medical marijuana during the early ’90s. A limited number of permits were issued to medical marijuana patients; the rest were turned over to marijuana sellers and cultivators, who sold to the medical marijuana patients or dispensaries.

The case is the latest in a string of lawsuits over the cannabis industry. Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled there were no constitutional problems with medical marijuana sales after Denver police arrested 10 people on suspicion of illegally manufacturing and selling the drug.

In a separate case, a judge last week agreed with prosecutors that the City of Madison is acting illegally when it doesn’t allow medical marijuana dispensaries in suburban areas and in its downtown.

Meanwhile, another federal judge ruled last week that cities around the state are allowed to regulate the legal marijuana industry in some circumstances, such as zoning.

The United States and China are both involved in another military exercise off the coast of the Philippines, where they are fighting over the disputed South China Sea islands.

China had earlier this month launched a

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