Who are the best life coaches? – Life Coach Business Cards Examples

A few of these coaches have been featured in a previous post. They range from motivational speakers to celebrities.

#1: Dr. Steve Brule (@doctorsteve_bu)

Dr. Steve Brule is a motivational speaker, author and trainer who trains and mentors the world’s top men and women in the running and fitness movement. Dr. Brule has appeared in over 30 YouTube videos, authored over two books, and was named one of Sports Illustrated’s 100 Most Influential People in the Business.

While you could say Dr. Brule is primarily a coach, you will find out that he works from a highly motivational place. He helps people make the right connections that lead to action. You’ll be amazed at how he can be successful even where some wouldn’t think they could. The key is consistency and a clear vision of what you can accomplish on a daily basis. He’s passionate about getting you to succeed and to take your best life and health to the next level.

#2: Dr. Chris Kress (@ChrisKress)

Dr. Chris Kress is an Australian fitness expert and CEO of Ultimate Fitness Group. He’s been featured in over 50 articles and podcasts on running, nutrition, physical fitness, and life coaching across print and web. He is also a member of USA Today’s 100 Most Influential People in Life, Runner’s World’s Top 100 Athletes in Fitness, Runner’s World’s Highest Paid Physician, Runner’s World’s Highest Paid Physician for Athletes, Runner’s World’s Highest Paid Physician for Runners, and numerous other accolades.

Kress was formerly the world record holder in 5 K’s for men and women, as well as one of the world’s top strength coaches for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. He is also one of the world’s only five time winners of the U.S. National Team coaching titles for both men and women. Kress has been a regular host of the TV show “The New Sports Medicine.” You’ll never get bored watching his insights on nutrition and running and fitness. He has been the world’s leading authority on running biomechanics for over 25 years. If you are interested in getting the most out of each day, he’s someone to follow.

#3: Dan Pink (@danpink)

Dan Pink has a long background in physical education. He’s held various leadership positions in various physical education organizations throughout Canada and the U.S. He’s

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