Who is the best life coach in the world? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free

In the beginning of my journey of becoming a full-time spiritual teacher, one of my teachers, the late Dr. David B. Sowers (who, incidentally, is my mentor), told me he wished I would give back something I had learned from his life coach. David’s answer was, basically, ‘Take something back from your life coach!’ I have used this in the form of a book – The Life coach and the life coach – where he talks about how to become a life coach.

Here is a list of ten things that all successful life coaches can be proud of:

1) They’ve taken a life coach’s advice

Most of them took advice from a life coach but it isn’t always the one people think. For example, I went to a live-in yoga instructor. This instructor had been training me for two years. I had never even considered going to live-in yoga and one day he came to work with me in my office. He was an Indian and I would never met an instructor like him before. When I heard that, I thought, “He’s an Indian, and an Indian instructor. This is my dream!” His advice to me was, “Start your journey at home, do yoga at home, and if need be, have someone teach you the other. I’ve got the schedule you’ll need down to a science.” I felt a great responsibility to go and get me down that path. So I did, and to this day, I can’t recall doing yoga at home that I felt so empowered. I’d never really thought about it before.

2) They’ve changed or helped change my life

A full-time life coach can give you a life advice that can change your life and open new doors. This is because a life coach can really understand you. I had already been married since high school and had three children and two full time jobs, but a life coach was able to really see me differently. Here’s an example: when I started my yoga training, I was doing pretty well academically, but I hadn’t felt like I had anything to show for it. Then the yoga teacher at my local studio told me to practice 10 days a week for the next six weeks. And that changed everything. I felt, suddenly, like I had something to show for it. That gave me a great sense of achievement and it was a tremendous lesson for me.

3) They’ve given you self-confidence

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