Who is the best life coach in the world?

One of our all-time favorites to be the “best life coach in the world” is Bill Starr, a.k.a. Coach Starr!

He has mentored and guided millions of men, women and children. He has seen the most challenging situations you have ever encountered, and he has helped you overcome those difficult situations to become more effective, happier and more successful as well.

Coach Starr has done more than just talk therapy, he actually taught us how to use his system for success, and that is why people like you trust his advice so much.

He is an American psychotherapist of 30+ years who was a Life coach from 1988 to 2008. He has written, filmed and lectured extensively on personal growth and career success including a popular “Success Is Our Purpose” course.

He has trained, advised and mentored many celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Russell Simmons, and Will Ferrell to name a few. He has also spoken at a number of top conferences ranging from “The One Where Oprah and Steve Martin Meet” to the Global Conference on Life.

Coach Starr is one of the best people to have been interviewed before on “Ask the Psychologist” or at the “International Psychologists Summit”.

Did he have a big personality?

As a Life Coach who worked with millions of men and women in various situations and with their clients (including my clients) he’s very intelligent, funny, articulate, and a lot likeable.

I like how he’s a bit of a “talker” who has a way with words. He is also very successful, winning awards, and he has done such a great job of taking men and women to other planets. And I think it’s awesome that he has his own planet where he lives 🙂

Why does your life coach have a “psychology” name?

It’s called “Psychology 101” and there are some people who might see the name as a bit of “garbage” and “snobbery”, but that’s not true at all, since I have found that most people who want my help, need my advice and support.

Do other Life coaches get money for their services? Do you ever recommend hiring a Life coach for their job or personal life?

Yes, I did recommend hiring someone like Coach Starr when my clients needed help. The reality is, most people want our services when they need it. I’ve seen it many times.