Who is the highest paid NBA coach? – Names For Life Coaching Business

Including All-Star Weekend salary:

1. Bill Self, $5,000,000

2. Mike D’Antoni, $4,750,000

3. Stan Van Gundy, $3,900,000

4. Fred Hoiberg, $3,750,000

5. Steve Kerr, $2,400,000

6. David Blatt, $2,300,000

7. Steve Clifford, $1,800,000

8. Scott Brooks, $1,700,000

9. Derek Fisher, $1,700,000

10. Billy Donovan, $1,700,000

11. Byron Scott, $1,650,000

12. Stan Van Gundy, $1,600,000

13. Rick Carlisle, $1,500,000

14. Mike Dunleavy, $1,400,000

15. James Borrego, $1,350,000

16. David Blatt, $1,350,000

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By now, most of you know that a woman has a right to be paid the same as a man for putting in the same amount of work! This has taken many people by surprise when I first wrote about it. I hope that I have been able to persuade many that this is not just a women’s issue, but one that merits a full discussion in the debate about women’s wages and the workplace.

While I did not come up with the idea on my own, it stems from a recent blog post written by a man named Peter Davenport, titled The Myth of Women’s Compensation: Why the Male-Dependent System Must Be Remade.

In his blog post, Davenport explains that because we have a male-dependent labor/employer system that does not recognize the benefits paid to women in the workplace, they simply do not get paid. And this has a profound effect on the wages of both men and women.

Challenges in Life- Business and Life Coaching
According to Davenport, it is possible to correct this inequality via a federal, state, and local government approach on the federal and state level.

If he is right, we must be able to get this

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