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A look at the pay for different NBA head coaches as well as what kind of salary they get from their teams.

The salary for NBA head coaches also varies greatly from team to team. The median salary for the top 10 highest paid NBA coaches in 2013-14 was $4.5 million while the median pay for the top 20 highest paid coaches was $3.3 million, according to salary data provided by Spotrac.
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Here are the highest paid NBA head coaches from 2013-14:

It’s a sad fact of American culture, one that has been around for more than a century, but the death toll from the heroin epidemic of the 1980s was a mere 7,000, far fewer than the 50,000 that the CDC says will die in 2015 from a similar number of overdoses.

A major reason for this is that the federal government did not fund the recovery at the time. According to the Justice Department’s recently-released report, Recovery: From Addict to Resolver, only 16 percent of the $9.2 million appropriated by the Recovery Act for the program ended up being spent; the same amount — $5.5 million — ended up spent on other drug abuse and mental health programs.

Still, it was a remarkable investment in a generation of people who had survived abuse and mental illness — particularly when viewed through the lens of a drug that is much more dangerous than other drugs. Add to the list of things that are far more dangerous to an addict than other drugs: an addict’s physical safety, their ability to leave their addiction, and their willingness to use drugs responsibly.

Drug use alone leads to an estimated 40,000 deaths a year, with more people than that taking heroin or cocaine. But, according to the Centers for Disease Control, drug use also causes about 20 times as many deaths as obesity, alcohol use, suicide, or other causes that are tracked by government statistics.

Addiction is a chronic disease that is “transcendent,” as my colleague Jessica Mason wrote in her 2012 article, “The Heroine Problem: Why is Addiction Different?” Mason cited statistics showing that, for every one person who succeeds in treating his addiction, seven lose it completely. She also used data showing that when someone successfully ends their addiction it can lead to a 50 percent drop in addiction or drug abuse for the rest of their life.

In my essay, I asked, “Why does addiction matter so deeply?” And then I asked,

Why is

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