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According to Forbes, the average NBA head coach is earning $2.3 million in salary, bonuses and profit sharing. Not too shabby. However, if you look at the current salary of current head coaches in the NBA, the salaries are much higher. As of right now, the average NBA head coach makes more than $4.3 million every two years. That could be a lot of money. However, it does not tell the whole story about how much more one can expect from their head coach. In the past, coach salaries have fluctuated greatly from year to year. The following is a list of the 15 highest paid NBA head coaches (2016-17 season), as well as the average salary for the three years prior.

1. Mike Brown, Los Angeles Lakers (6,846,000/year)

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This year, Brown is reportedly going to be making around $8.5 million which ranks him ahead of Steve Clifford ($8.3 million) and James Bauman ($8 million), the highest paid coaches in the NBA (2016-2017 season). Brown has also won 3 championships and a gold medal with USA Basketball which could see him win even more this season. Brown has been praised for his recruiting efforts which resulted in three of the top 50 players who went to UCLA in the 2016 NBA Draft making their NBA debuts. Brown also earned 2 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics alongside head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Brown had previously made $6.5 million on all his previous deals with the Lakers. According to an InsideHoops article, Brown has one of the highest win shares and player per game average of any college basketball coach, beating out Larry Brown himself. If Brown was to take the head coaching position at the next level, he would likely end up earning close to $18 million a year.

2. Kevin Ollie, Cleveland Cavaliers (5,817,000/year (unlockable)

When you think of all the money Ollie has earned in the NBA, it is clear that he is very successful. Ollie is currently the highest paid coach in the league at 6,817,000 a year ($2.35 million/year). This also places Ollie ahead of the NBA’s average paid head coach, as Coach Phil Jackson currently makes $2.7 million. Ollie is also the only coach to win 3 NBA championships. Ollie has also captured the most championships with 4 and has coached the

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