Who is the highest paid NBA coach?

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Just curious to see what the most paid NBA coaches make, as this is obviously less than I was paying.

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Your vote: Bill Self – $521,300

The most striking feature of the new U.S. government budget deal is how it reflects the priorities of congressional Republicans.

The latest version of the budget has a “wasteful” level of spending on defense — $53.1 billion — while spending on entitlement programs (see story) drops almost $7 billion below the level of recent years.

If it stands, the budget will set aside $6.8 trillion over a decade. President Obama has been talking about cutting $1.2 trillion over 10 years, including $1 trillion by phasing out Medicare, the signature entitlement.

President Obama’s proposal also calls for the most generous cuts to defense spending since World War II. Defense spending has risen from $6.4 trillion to about $6 trillion in the past decade. Obama also wants to cut another $550 billion from Medicare, which spends 30 percent less than defense on average. This year, Democrats control Congress as well as the White House and many state governments, so the spending cuts in Obama’s budget may remain the highest in any Congress since the 1970s — and possibly since the 1950s.

The spending cuts are being pushed through Congress mostly on Republican Party lines, as the budget has the backing of the GOP Senate and House leadership and Republican President Bush. It is opposed by many Democrats — most notably the White House, which is also demanding the cuts be part of a “grand bargain.”

Obama and Bush have different priorities for defense spending. Bush wants a new Cold War arm, while Obama wants a new conventional campaign against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, with the military budget going down by 50 percent. But the Bush budget — which Obama has said he will support — sets off a big and costly war in Iraq. Defense is also one of many areas where cuts are being demanded on the left — as Bush does in his budget.

And the House and Senate are not acting together in the budget negotiations. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the most powerful groups in Washington, have their own priorities. So there is no real consensus on where the cuts ought