Why is life coaching so expensive? – How To Start A Coaching Business From Scratch

It’s not.

I like to call it, “The Life-Explanation”. For as long as there has been a human race, there has been some sort of life advice (at least in the form of myths). The best-known of these was, “You are what you eat”. That was the idea behind a book written by Carl Jung in the 20ies. It was a wonderful book, but then science (mostly in the fields of biology and psychology) caught up. It’s still good advice today, but not as good as it used to be.

I always wondered what it would be like for me to have a book written by somebody who had a different view. I was at that time in the throes of “The Life-Explanation”, and I was in a similar state when that book (which I am now pretty much finished with) came out. A lot has changed since then. However, the basic idea remains the same:

People are born with certain things. Those are called instincts. Over time, those instincts become more refined and sophisticated and the result is a human being.

The first instinct is, you were born good.

The second instinct is, you are bad.

The third is, you have not been good, but your environment has forced you to be that way.

To put it in simpler terms, what you did when you were a child makes a difference to how you will behave later in life. In simple terms, you are more likely to be a bad person in the future.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of each, which is something I often consider in setting up my own life coaching services. I think it is a fair comparison because it goes beyond the financial aspect.

If we talk about the human mind, it is like this. When your parents are in a certain environment, you are pretty much born bad. No one cares very much in those circumstances. However, your parents get a second chance at raising you if you are good, or at least you are raised good. I can think of no worse situation than to be born in this situation as there are not many other options.

What then happens? Well, your parents can try to change your mind. On one hand, this is often helpful. You don’t have to be fixed, but you can try. The other side of that coin is that it often comes without a lot of compensation. You might try

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