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The dog treats in this category are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), so if you’re concerned about what kinds of treats your dog is consuming, talk to your vet. The FDA has published a list of dog treats that are banned because they can be harmful to your dog.

This list is also available from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), so if you’re concerned about foods you’re feeding your pet, talk to your vet. You can also check out the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for safe dog treats.

Can I feed my canine friend dried foods, vitamins and supplements?
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It’s likely safe to feed your dog dried foods and vitamins or supplements that are derived from meat, poultry or fish because these items are approved for use. However, the FDA does encourage pet owners who purchase pet food, treats or other products from a licensed pet food company to discuss with their vet whether these products are appropriate for your pet. This FDA video, “What Are Dog Meals and Feeding Recipes?,” explains more about acceptable animal foods.

How do I avoid dog treats that can be harmful to my furry friend?

Because dog treats are food for dogs, they can also be harmful to your pet. Although some treats are naturally sweet, many more can be acidic and contain toxic metals such as arsenic, aluminum and cadmium. If you feed your dog any pet treats, make sure they are formulated with these ingredients in mind. You can check with your vet or pet food company to see what products are acceptable for your pets, but keep in mind that it can be difficult to tell, so ask your pet’s vet about the products’ potential effects.

Can I keep my pet’s nails clipped during grooming sessions in the summer?

No, cutting the nails during your pet’s summer grooming session is not considered unsafe at this time of the year. Although we don’t recommend the practice of clipping pet’s nails during this time of year, it is possible to clean your pet’s nails during the winter months too. Check with your vet if your pet needs nail clipping if your nails continue to grow on their own, or a partial removal if your pet’s nails feel too short after the summer salon.

This article was provided by PetMD and was not edited by veterinary professional health care specialists. For more about pet health topics, you may wish to view our article on Dogs for Relief.


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