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No it can’t. In fact they can’t eat anything. Any food that isn’t cooked with their digestive system, including fish or meat. When dogs have an ailment like CFS their intestinal tract isn’t allowed full clearance of the food and it can lead to constipation and stomach upset. However in dogs that are ill with a specific food or have a nutritional deficiency the food can be processed more quickly. So the reason you would see dogs eating canned tuna is because their digestive system is more well-adapted to consuming canned food.

Can dogs eat meat, dairy and eggs?

In general there is no way these nutrients can be digested on this human-based diet. Dogs don’t have the enzymes and enzymes in the liver and muscles to break them down. There are no enzymes in dogs to process cholesterol since it’s only taken up by the body with our diet. Since the diet doesn’t contain cholesterol the cholesterol will take up more time in the body. This is why there isn’t the same response to some of the foods in our food that there is to cholesterol in dogs. There is no need to worry about dogs eating meat, dairy and eggs. Dogs are not allowed these substances since it is bad for dogs. Dogs can only have a limited intake of meat since the body isn’t designed and built to handle it. If we were to give dogs a diet that didn’t contain proteins they would not even be healthy enough to eat. And with our modern food we don’t give the body the enzymes it needs when it goes off the beaten path to the liver to breakdown the protein.

Can dogs eat other proteins?

Yes most dogs are more likely to have issues when trying to get an equal amount of protein from other feed sources. For example if we give a dog corn starch instead of grain it isn’t just an issue with the weight of the dog and the lack of protein. It will affect the blood sugar. Dogs are more likely to be insulin resistant; too much insulin and not enough glucose can cause problems. So many dogs are eating corn starch and corn meal for all these reasons. Some dogs may be able to tolerate more calories from corn starch but the body still won’t process these calories.

What do we do to try and get my dog into a healthier and happier state during the transition into the next phase of their life?

The best thing to do for the transition is to try to find their dog’s primary food that isn’t too grainy. You

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